Witchcraft love spell to make someone fall in love

Witchcraft love spell to make someone fall in love

Using witchcraft love spell to make someone fall in love with you is simple if you know exactly what you are doing. Voodoo and witchcraft are part of African heritage and our culture. We have honored skills and knowledge in the arts of sorcery to achieve love, attraction and wealth depends on what you are looking for.

How to cast a witchcraft love spell to make someone fall in love with you

Get a photograph of your loved one (if you do not, use social media to get one), use it to perform this simple but powerful ritual. Put a corner shelf on the wall and put the photograph on it. Make sure you can see the photograph while lying in bed. As you understand, these spells to makes someone fall in love with you should be cast in the bedroom.

Let the photograph stand there for three days for it to get used to the energies of your place and your personal energy flows. Then, before going to bed, put a thin white candle in front of the photograph and light it up. While the candle is burning, look at it thinking about the man you love. When it burns all the way down and goes out, take a comfortable sleep position and try to fall asleep. Repeat the ritual for nine days in a row. In 7 nine days your spell is supposed to take full effect.

What you need to know before using Witchcraft to make someone fall in love

The spell will stay effective until you cheat on your loved one in this bedroom.

As for the shelf, it should stay on the wall. Just put the photograph away when your loved one or some other people come over. Your loved one will be coming a lot after you complete the ritual and put it back on the shelf as soon as they leave.


Even if your loved one develops really strong feelings for you due to your spell. It needs to be recast once a week, preferably on Saturday. If you cannot perform the ritual on Saturday, do it on any other day except Monday.

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