How to Break a Spell if Someone Put a Spell on Me and My Love

How to Break Spells on Relationships: Identify & Remove Love Curses

Being in love is one of life’s greatest gifts. When you find that special someone, the connection can feel magical. Unfortunately, there are some people out there who will try to interfere with love through the use of actual magic and spells. If you suspect that a spell has been placed upon you and your partner, don’t lose hope. There are ways to identify and break these harmful enchantments.

Recognizing the Signs of a Spell

The first step to counteracting a spell is recognizing when one has been cast. Some telltale signs that a malevolent spell has been placed upon your relationship include:

  • Sudden change in feelings between you and your partner, such as growing hostility or apathy
  • Increased misunderstandings and arguments
  • Interference with intimacy
  • One or both people experiencing irrational jealousy
  • A sense that something feels “off” about your interactions

If several of these symptoms arise suddenly, especially if someone has voiced ill intent towards your relationship, magic could be at play. Don’t ignore the problem and hope it goes away – take action to remove any spellwork.

Consulting a Professional Spell Breaker

The most straightforward way to eliminate a curse or hex on a relationship is to hire a professional spell breaker. Choose someone experienced, trusted, and ethical to avoid any unintended consequences.

A proper spell breaker will likely use divination techniques like tarot cards, rune casting, or pendulum dowsing to verify if a spell has been cast. They can then identify the exact nature of the enchantment and customize a removal ritual. This is the safest, most thorough approach.

Performing Your Own Spell Breaking Ritual

If consulting a professional spell breaker isn’t feasible, a ritual performed by either person in the relationship can work. You’ll need to tap into the power of your intentions and emotions.

An effective self-spell breaking ritual uses these steps:

  • Purify the space by burning sage, palo santo, or incense. Rosemary and bay leaves also repel negative energy.
  • Cast a protective circle using visualization, salt, or candles. This shields you as you work.
  • Light two candles – one for yourself and one for your partner. Focus on your love flowing between the flames.
  • Perform a cord cutting visualization where you psychically sever any connections fueling the spell.
  • Raise energy by chanting, ring a bell or singing bowl, or raising your hands palm-up in prayer pose.
  • Declare the spell is broken with conviction and authority. Say this aloud several times.
  • Release the protective circle and allow the candle flames to burn out.
  • Affirm that healing will occur. Love conquers all!

This ritual harnesses spiritual principles to combat the spell. For optimal results, perform when moon is waning.

Using Herbs and Oils to Break a Love Curse

Certain herbs and oils have inherent properties that destroy spells, hexes, and curses when applied properly. Incorporating these ingredients into rituals or spells of your own can help remove any magic harming you or your partner.

Powerful herbs for breaking enchantments include:

  • Rosemary – Purifies and reverses curses. Burn dried rosemary or add to baths.
  • Bay leaves – Dispel negative energy and block spells. Place fresh leaves in corners of home.
  • Garlic – Absorbs and destroys dark magic. Hang bundles around doors and windows.
  • Lemon – Cleansing, improves clarity. Add lemon peel or oil to candles and potions.

Essential oils that combat bewitchment include:

  • Frankincense – Dispels evil, provides spiritual protection. Anoint candles, self, or partner.
  • Juniper – Removes hexes and breaks their powers. Add a few drops to bathwater.
  • Angelica – Wards off ill will, cancels curses. Use in an oil diffuser or vial.
  • Hyssop – Ritually purifies and releases spell binds. Mix with water to make a cleansing floor wash.

Use these herbs and oils together or separately in rituals to maximize their spell-breaking potency.

Consulting the Divine for Spell Removal Support

Don’t underestimate the power of prayer and working with divine forces when endeavoring to remove a curse. Any spiritual practice that invokes higher guidance can eliminate spellwork lodged in your relationship.

Here are some suggestions for petitioning the divine for assistance:

  • Pray to your spirit guides and guardian angels for their power and protection. Request their intervention against all dark magic.
  • Perform cleansings and space consecration rituals focused on your chosen deity or pantheon. Call upon their sacred wisdom to dissolve the spell.
  • Consult a spiritual worker experienced in shamanism, Reiki, or energy healing methods. Their healing touch can dislodge unwanted magical bonds.
  • Create an altar dedicated to deities of love and relationships like Venus, Aphrodite, or Parvati. Appeal to their attributes to nullify malevolent magic.
  • Visit places of worship and holy sites, praying or meditating on breaking the curse there to amplify spiritual force.

This gives the gods, ancestors and angels permission to involvement themselves on the side of love. Their influence combined with your own actions can overcome any sorcery that harms your union. Stay persistent!

My Spell Removal Services for Lasting Freedom

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