Spell to heal a broken relationship

Spell to heal a broken relationship

Spell to heal a broken relationship that really works. Being hurt and heart broken in life and relationships is something that we know exists. Something we hear about but never anticipate it happening to our own love stories. Of course, living and loving in a positive environment blurs all the misery and hurt that may come afterwards. Sometimes forgetting and overlooking that your closets and most loved person can cause heart ache to you. And destroy your entire life is not a thought you want to linger in your mind all the time.

Where will the happiness and pleasure in taking risks come from. Loving someone and being loved is all about opening up and give it your all never to expect any special treatment. But not all love stories end in happily ever after like we see in the movies. There are ups and downs and sharp corners that you and your lover should overcome together.

If you really love your significant other and want to make tings right again the love spells in this article will help you out. Heal your broken relationship and increase attraction and bond with your partner. Remember relationships don’t only affect the two of you, there are kids, parents, family and others that are devastated due to your separation.

And one small thing you should note, not all broken relationships mean separation. Cheating, fights, sexless relationships and lack of intimacy and affection for each other are red flags of a broken relationship.

To Heal a Rift in your relationship spell

This spell is an ancient one which works on the principle of making two things one. The apple always has been a symbol for love, and pins are a symbol of industriousness denoting the effort which must be put into the relationship.


  • A fresh apple
  • Knife
  • Clean sheet of white paper
  • Pen
  • 2 pins, cocktail sticks or twigs


  • Cut the apple in half.
  • Tradition says it is helpful, but not vital, if the seeds stay whole. If they don’t, reconciliation may simply be a little bit more difficult to bring about.
  • Write the woman’s full name on the paper. Next to it, write the man’s. Ensure that the space taken up by the names doesn’t exceed the width of the halved apple.
  • Cut out the names. Place the paper with the names between the two halves of the apple.
  • Visualize the marriage or relationship being healed
  • Skewer the apple halves together, inserting the pins or twigs diagonally from right to left and then vice versa.
  • If you are healing your own relationship, send your love to the person concerned and ask to receive their love in return
  • If it is for someone else then visualize the couple surrounded by a pink cloud or aura in a loving embrace

Divorce was disliked across the world even today. When action is required to heal a seemingly irreparable rift, this spell can begin a process of reconciliation. To finish off the spell, use campfire to bake the apple until it appears whole.

To Rekindle your Lover’s Interest and heal a broken relationship spell

This technique is worth trying when your lover is not paying you enough attention. You are using the laurel leaves to back up the energy that you are putting into making the relationship work. This spell uses herbal and elemental magic.


  • A large quantity of laurel leaves
  • A fire


  • Sit in front of the embers of a fire and gaze into them, concentrating on your lover.
  • Keep your gaze fixed into the fire.
  • With your left hand, throw some laurel leaves onto the embers.
  • As they burn say;

laurel leaves burn into the fire.

Bring to me my heart’s desire.

  • Wait until the flames die down, then do the same again.
  • Repeat the actions once more.
  • It is said that within 24 hours your lover will come back to you.

Again, this is a spell which must allow the person who you are targeting choices. To keep your partner by your side if they are unhappy would not be right. This spell does allow you to give careful consideration as to what fidelity and security you require within a relationship.


Heal your broken relationship with simple yet powerful love spells in this article. Don’t give up on the person who once made your blood boil. Rekindle love in your marriage or relationship and keep your love alive.

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