Salt cleansing-How to perform a spiritual cleansing using salt

How to perform a spiritual cleansing using salt

salt cleansing, how to perform a spiritual cleansing using salt. Salt is a very powerful magical item that when used with the right intent and method. You can get rid of the harshest negativity around you. Salt being part of mother earth and nature. It is really surprisingly powerful and can cleanse your aura and chakras from evil and dark spirits.

Blockages in life originate from multiple things, some of which we may initiate ourselves and others come from foreign space. Negative blockages can affect both your mind and soul as well as those around you.

Your suffering and terror can affect not only you but those near you. Like family wife and friends, so when you have any kind of spiritual challenge. You should know it not only concerns you but many that may not focus on and just ignore.

That is why I share knowledge about powerful yet simple rituals and spells to those that may not afford my services. The happiness of others is what gives me purpose and reason to carry on as a spell’s caster {witch doctor}.

Step by step guide on performing a salt cleansing ritual

Before starting the cleansing ritual, make sure to get in the right mindset and activate positive thoughts and energies. This will improve the success of you spell/ritual and give you the intended results. Now let’s get started


  • A large bowl/bath tab/basin
  • 3 handfuls of sea salt
  • Water


  • Put the 3 handfuls of salt port with your right hand and pour it in your container of choice {A large bowl/bath tab/basin}. Normally I put 1/3 of hot water and 2/3 of cold water to get the right temperature.


“Dear mother earth, bless this water with your pureness, so that all negative energies and spirits move away from my body and all it touches.”

After take a bath or shower see the water on your body from head to toe. It is very important that you bath from up to down or if in a bath tab, submerge your whole body for about a minute and stand upright to let the water drip downwards. Then dry your body with a towel without rinsing the salt.

What you should take note of with this salt cleansing ritual

Although salt cleaning can be made at any time, it has highly effective especially when done at the end of the day just before sunset.

For best results leave the water to dry naturally in your body, leaving the salt water on your skin all the time that it is possible.

Depending on your spiritual and religious this is a ritual that doesn’t contradict your religion or beliefs.


The simplest and most overlooked rituals are those with the most useful and prominent effect in our lives. Because its difficult to always detect when root work, hexes, curses or spells are cast against you. A do it yourself salt cleansing ritual like this one can be of great help.

If you have any blockages that seem to not barge and are causing havoc in your life. Feel free to leave me a message on WhatsApp or email. I will surely help you, note that my services come at a cost. Unless you have questions or inquiries about the salt cleansing ritual.



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