Manifesting Money and Prosperity with Herbs, Plants, and Crystals

Herbs for Prosperity

Bringing more financial prosperity into your life is a goal many of us share. Fortunately, there are a variety of herbs, plants, and crystals that can help attract money, success, and abundance when used intentionally.

Top Known Herbs for Prosperity

Basil – This bright, vibrant herb is fantastic for prosperity. Place fresh basil leaves in your wallet or use dried basil in money spells. Grow basil plants on your porch or windowsill to invite steady cash flow.

Cinnamon – Burn cinnamon incense or use cinnamon oil to draw riches. Add ground cinnamon to prosperity powders. Bake treats with cinnamon to sweeten your finances.

Cloves – Known for attracting luck and money. Use whole cloves in charm bags or add clove powder to candles and oils focused on prosperity.

Mint – Mint grows abundantly, making it perfect for prosperity work. Drink mint tea to stimulate financial flow. Add mint leaves to your bank or wallet.

Nutmeg – Carry nutmeg in your pocket or use it in spells to bring material abundance. Bake nutmeg-sprinkled pies or cakes to magically multiply your dollars.

Sage – Ward off poverty with purifying sage. Burn sage bundles weekly to clear out stagnant energy and make room for new wealth.

Get Lucky With These Herbs

Basil – Having a potted basil plant on your porch or windowsill signals prosperity to the cosmos. Plus, you can use the leaves in spells!

Jade – This succulent is nicknamed the “money plant.” Keep jade plants in the home and office to attract wealth via its connection to prosperity.

Mint – As a fast growing plant, mint brings accelerated wealth and abundance. Plant mints outdoors to spread prosperity.

Parsley – Often used in prosperity cuisine. The bright green color symbolizes money. Grow parsley in your kitchen to enhance income.

Pineapple – A classic feng shui symbol of hospitality and luck. Eat pineapple before big presentations or events to increase fortune. Display a pineapple sculptor by the entryway.

Crystals You Can Use To Attract Prosperity

Citrine – Known as the “merchant stone”, citrine attracts fortune and abundance. Place citrine crystals on your desk or carry one in your purse.

Green Aventurine – Reinforces feelings of stability and assurance, allowing you to confidently pursue prosperity. Use during meditations or spells focused on money.

Jade – Historically connected to wealth in many cultures. Jade embodies the energy of prosperity. Display jade in your place of business.

Pyrite – Its metallic shine mirrors gold, activating the energetic frequency of abundance. Pyrite amplifies the power of other crystals and herbs used for prosperity.

Malachite – Draws lucrative opportunities and protects against poor investments. Place malachite in your office or near your cash register to increase sales.

Turquoise – Attracts unexpected windfalls and good fortune. An excellent amulet for risk takers like investors and entrepreneurs. Combine with other prosperity crystals.

Through intention and belief, financial prosperity can absolutely be attained. Use this guide to herbs, plants and crystals to add potency to your prosperity rituals and affluence spells. With a little magic, you’ll be manifesting money in no time!

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