Spell to Make Him Propose: Tricks to Get That Ring

Guide to Casting a Spell to Receive a Marriage Proposal

Are you ready to walk down the aisle but your partner seems to be dragging their feet on proposing? A proposal spell could help nudge them in the right direction. As an experienced spellcaster, I’m going to share my insider tips on how to make a proposal spell effective so you can finally get that ring on your finger!

Why Spells Can Help Move a Proposal Along

Spells work by focusing intention and energy to manifest a specific outcome. They help align circumstances to make what you desire more likely to occur. A spell to get a proposal can:

  • Open your partner’s heart to truly wanting commitment
  • Release any fears or doubts holding them back
  • Bring more love and positivity into the relationship
  • Align timing so the moment is right for a proposal

Spells don’t force someone to do something against their will. But they can give a nudge if your partner wants to propose but just needs a little magical encouragement.

Eliminating Obstacles First

Before doing any spell work, it’s important to remove any obstacles in your relationship that could be preventing a proposal.

  • Have open and honest conversations about marriage and timelines. Make sure you’re on the same page.
  • Deal with any lingering issues or doubts. Don’t sweep conflicts under the rug.
  • Make sure the relationship is solid and stable enough for the next step. Work on connection.
  • Look at practical factors: finances, living situations, career stages. Get ducks in a row.

Clearing away obstacles smooths the path so when the spell brings positive energy, a proposal can easily flourish.

You Did the Spell but He Hasn’t Proposed Yet

Don’t fret if your partner doesn’t drop to one knee immediately after casting a proposal spell. Magic sometimes takes time to unfold in the real world. And your partner may want to make proposal plans.

Give your spell at least a month to work before doing any troubleshooting. Signs it’s working include:

  • Your partner brings up marriage or proposals more frequently
  • They seem more attentive and affectionate
  • They hint about future plans or ask about ring preferences
  • They make comments about wanting commitment

Let the spell do its thing and avoid overanalyzing every interaction. Desperation energy can sometimes repel proposals. Stay cool, trusting, and positive.

Find Out Why a Proposal Spell Fails

If it’s been awhile and your spell hasn’t sparked a proposal, don’t panic. There are tweaks you can try to get the magic flowing:

Not enough energy: Boost the spell with more intention, visualization, ingredients representing love and commitment. Do it regularly until you feel shift.

External barriers: Other circumstances may be blocking results. Look for interfering issues to address. Do banishing work on stubborn obstacles.

Wrong timing: Get clear on the ideal timing through meditation. Adjust the spell to align with readiness rather than forcing a proposal before its time.

Fear of change: Your partner may have unconscious fears about marriage. Do a spell to release doubts and highlight reasons for joyful union.

You’re not ready: Do some introspection. If any part of you has doubts, resolve them first. Come from a place of 100% confidence and alignment.

With tweaked spells and obstacles removed, that proposal can go from stalled to reality fast!

Signs Your Spell is Working: Changes to Notice

How do you know if your proposal spell is manifesting results? Watch for these positive changes:

  • Your partner brings up marriage more often in conversation
  • They express wanting more commitment in the relationship
  • They start paying more attention to rings when you’re shopping together
  • They ask slyly about your ring size or style preferences
  • They bring you to places like weddings or proposal spots more often
  • Your connection feels closer, more loving, and more positive

Seeing one or more of these signs? The spell is working its magic! Stay optimistic and keep a watchful eye. The proposal could be right around the corner.

Should You Propose If He Won’t? Pros and Cons for Women

If you’ve done spell work but your partner is still dragging feet, you may wonder: should I just propose myself? Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • You don’t have to wait in frustration anymore for the proposal
  • You take charge and get the commitment you want on your timeline
  • It shows you are bold, confident, and know what you want
  • Your partner may actually be relieved you took this leap if they are shy or nervous


  • Traditional partner may not like the role reversal and could say no
  • Risk bruising their ego or making them feel inadequate
  • Potentially awkward if done publicly and they aren’t expecting it
  • You miss out on the thrill of being proposed to

My advice? Have a heart to heart. If they admit they want marriage but need prodding, propose together privately. But if they seem uncomfortable, stick with spells.

Top 5 Reasons He May Be Stalling And What You Can Do

If you’ve been waiting eons for that proposal with no luck, it’s time to dig deeper. Here are the top reasons he may be dragging feet and how to overcome each:

Fear of change – Marriage seems scary and they like how things are now. Do spells focused on optimism, confidence, and embracing new chapters.

Worried about failure – Past disappointments make them hesitant to commit. Do spells to release baggage and renew faith.

Financial concerns – They want to be on more solid ground first. Have honest talks about building financial security together.

Emotionally unavailable – Cold feet, avoidant attachment, or other issues make them hold back. Therapy or spellwork to open their heart can help.

Timing doubts – They aren’t sure you’ve been together long enough yet to propose. Discuss readiness and timelines openly.

Dig into true feelings without judgement and address concerns together. Once obstacles move aside, magic and love can then kindle that desire to propose!

Spell to Make Him Propose: Let me help you

As an experienced spellcaster, I have helped many couples successfully move from stalled to proposals using time-tested and ethical spell to make him propose. There are no side effects or karmic blowback when spells come from a place of light.

I avoid manipulating unwilling partners. My goal is to dissolve barriers gently and nurture love so proposals can blossom naturally. Each spell is tailored to the unique relationship.

If you’ve been waiting for that proposal for too long, don’t lose hope. Contact me and let’s get that magical momentum building towards the ring and lifelong union you deserve!

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