Reconciliation spell – Reunite with a lost lover guaranteed

Reconciliation spell to have a lost lover get back with you fast. Losing a lover is hard and painful and sometimes your lover is in a dilemma to chose whether to get back with you or move one. Thought you may try making things work, such a collision may haunt your relationship and yourself for a while.

Love spells to reconcile with a lover can help you heal the wounds you suffered during this clash. Make your partner forgive you and also erase the incidents in your love life ever by crowding it with happy moments so that your partner doesn’t cling on it.

Forgiveness without ever being sure that this person has not let go of the situation is more like a prison. Because your partner has a singular life and sense of mind, he/she may never share with you. You may never know what is in plan for you, either revenge or true reconciliation.

Reconciliation love spell – get your love back in 24 hours

Relationships, love and marriage is not a straight and perfect path. It always involves ups, downs and corners. But when such endeavors happen, how you react and what you do is what dictates the success of your relationship.

Not everyone is good at relationships, and no matter how you try its an evolving thing. What you do when difficulty appears will be a great deal to save your relationship and also prevent future complications in your relationship.

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Love spell to have your love returned

This reconciliation spell is candle magic and also representational. It is a little more complicated than most because it requires an understanding of symbolism. It is best done on a Friday. The objects you use need not be the real things, but they can be miniaturizations such as cake decorations.


  • Pink candle
  • Blue candle
  • Gold candle (to represent the relationship)
  • Horseshoe (to represent luck in love)
  • Key (to represent the key to your heart)
  • Two roses an article of your love interest’s clothing (failing that, use something of your own)


  • Light the pink and blue candles (pink first if you are female, blue if male), followed by the gold.
  • Place the horseshoe and key on either side of the candles, with the roses between them.
  • When the candles have burnt down, wrap the flowers, the key and the horseshoe in the clothing.
  • Place the items in a bedroom drawer and leave them alone for fourteen days. If after this time the flowers are still fresh, this is a good sign.
  • You should then bury them or put them (along with the horseshoe and key) in a pot pourri.

You might use this reconciliation spell when you think a relationship with someone would be worthwhile. If you cannot find a piece of the other person’s clothing, a handkerchief or some other small item will do as well. If that is not possible then use a square of pink material.

Reconciliation love spell - get your love back in 24 hours

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