Spell to get ex back moved on | Reigniting Love Magic

Spell to get ex back moved on | Reigniting Love Magic

Cast a spell to get ex back moved on. Finding out your ex is dating someone new often feels like the final nail in the coffin for ever reuniting. The new relationship signals to you that your ex has left the past behind.

You may spiral analyzing their social media and new partner, breeding jealousy and resentment. But this fixation only extends the pain and prevents the inner work needed to restart your ex’s affection.

As a practitioner of voodoo love spells for over a decade, I know how agonizing it feels when an ex you still love moves on. You may feel desperate to reconnect, only to be rejected again.

The good news is moving forward in a new relationship does not have to close the door forever with your ex. Targeted love magic can reopen your ex’s heart to rediscover dormant feelings for you when it seems impossible. I have guided many clients in manifesting reconciliation after their ex had moved on. There is still hope!

How Sandra’s Heartbreak ended with ex back spells

Sandra, a former client of mine, spiraled for years after her fiancé left her for a friend. Despite exhausting efforts manifesting reconciliation, they married quickly.

Sandra cycled between pining, doubt, rage and depression daily. Her fixation on reunion isolated her from any personal growth or new relationships for several wasted years.

Through custom spell work and life coaching, Sandra reached clarity that reconciliation no longer aligned with her life purpose. We ritualized closure on the past to shift her forward after years feeling so stuck. A Simple Love Spell to Bring Back Your Husband

Powerful spells to get ex girlfriend back who moved on

Creating specific ex back spells allows you to transmit desires to the Universe respectfully. Though your ex has free will, focused spells can open their eyes to rediscover dormant love for you and reconsider paths.

Here are three reunion spells I have found deeply effective:

Red Candle Ritual attract ex girlfriend spell

Inscribe your names on a red candle, dress it with Come To Me Oil, then burn it visualizing their return. Discard remnants dressed in Fast Luck Oil to clear obstacles. Chant, “No barrier keeps our souls apart, return now to me with loving heart.”

Red Candle Ritual attract ex girlfriend spell

Sachet Spellwork ex dating again spell

Place your ex’s photo or personal mementos in a red flannel sachet fixed with controlling/commanding oils. Keep near as you petition the Universe for their renewed devotion through daily prayer.

Sachet Spellwork  ex dating again spell

Bend Over Backward Spell

Sculpt a small poppet figure to represent your ex using taglocks from your relationship. Systematically bend the figure backwards while asking divine intervention to gently redirect your ex’s heart back toward you. Burn oils to amplify. Spell to get over someone


As you can see, focused spells to get ex back moved on ritualized properly alongside inner work can absolutely reopen the door after an ex has moved on! Outcomes cannot be forced but divine orchestration has its ways when intentions align powerfully. Please reach out if you need support creating a customized reunion spell plan. Where love once lived, magic can rekindle the flame again, even from the ashes!

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