How to put a curse on someone – The ethical way

How to put a curse on someone - The ethical way

Seeking revenge when profoundly hurt arises naturally as primal instincts demand equitable justice, especially when corrupt systems deny due process. In outrage, we may obsess over vigilante payback through metaphysical violence. But attempting to curse or hex, however justified it may feel initially, often spiritually destroys victims further by distorting destiny’s true justice.

As a priest focused on spiritual wisdom and holistic healing for over a decade, I cannot endorse cursing individuals regardless of their offense. However, we can implement alternative mystical approaches utilizing karmic law, radical forgiveness and nonviolent resistance to facilitate closure absent authority figures intervening. Together we will alchemize anger into accountability on the high road.

Cursing enemies magically With Spells

When trusted individuals commit serious abuses without remorse or consequences, rage kindles seeking vengeance asserting denied personhood. Especially when defaming rumors spread without accountability destroying reputations, desire for payback feels urgent.

However, while self-soothing in some moments, attacking perpetrators through occult means anchors us energetically to their lower vibrations rather than elevating into moral authority and true healing. It also distracts from addressing injustices through nobler channels first.

Furthermore, cursing opens dangerous spiritual vulnerabilities as demonic entities exploit anger toward deeper turmoil preventing destiny fulfillment. It is vital we avoid reactionary shortcuts making things exponentially worse through cosmic manipulation.

Identifying and Removing Curses

Recognizing the signs of a curse can be challenging, as they can manifest in subtle or indirect ways. However, there are certain patterns that may indicate the presence of a curse, such as:

  • Sudden and inexplicable misfortune
  • Recurring negative events
  • Unexplained physical or emotional ailments
  • A sense of being under a dark cloud or heavy burden

Removing a curse requires a deep understanding of its nature and origin. While some curses may dissipate over time or with a change in circumstances, others may require more active intervention. In such cases, seeking guidance from a spiritual advisor or experienced practitioner may be necessary.

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The Ethics of Cursing

The ethical implications of cursing are a complex and debated topic. While some view curses as a form of black magic or a violation of universal principles, others argue that they can be used as a means of self-protection or to seek justice in situations where conventional methods have failed.

Types of Curses

Curses can manifest in various forms, each with its own unique characteristics and intended outcomes. Some of the most common types include:

  • Personal Curses: Directed at specific individuals, these curses aim to inflict misfortune on their health, relationships, or overall well-being.
  • Object Curses: Embedded in objects, these curses are activated when the object is touched, used, or moved.
  • Place Curses: Encompass a specific location, bringing misfortune to those who reside or visit there

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Known curses That have been publicly witnessed

Throughout history, there have been numerous famous curses that have captured the public’s imagination. These curses range from ancient Egyptian mummies to cursed gemstones and haunted objects. While the validity of these curses may be disputed, their stories continue to fascinate and intrigue us.

Curse of the Pharaohs.

According to legend, anyone who disturbs the resting place of an Egyptian pharaoh will be cursed with bad luck and misfortune. This curse gained prominence after the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in the early 20th century, as several members of the excavation team died under mysterious circumstances.

Curse of the Hope Diamond.

This cursed gemstone is said to bring bad luck and misfortune to its owners. From the French Blue diamond to its current incarnation as the Hope Diamond, the gem has been associated with a string of unfortunate events throughout its history.

While these curses may be intriguing, it is important to approach them with a critical mindset. Historical accounts and anecdotal evidence should be examined with skepticism, and alternative explanations should be considered. By separating fact from fiction, we can gain a more nuanced understanding of these famous curses.

How Esther found Higher Justice

A former client named Esther found her business shut down through anonymous false accusations from a competing vendor. Defaming rumors spread quickly without accountability, destroying her reputation.

Through spiritual counseling emphasizing radical forgiveness, we ritualized releasing resentment against her oppressors. This allowed Esther to regain power by refraining from giving further mental/emotional space to wrongdoers. Later the fraud surfaced publicly clearing her name.

Though rebuilding trust with clients took time, this process allowed Esther finding peace in herself and higher purpose coaching other women healing from traumatic loss. Her future appeared brighter than ever after this darkest night passed.

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Authentic Spiritual Paths Toward Justice

While enveloped in victimization’s haze driving perceived need for vengeance, one cannot envision pathways setting right corrupt misdeeds done against them. The spiritual path involves:

1. Inward soul work – Find emotional and spiritual liberation first before battling external forces. React wholly from healed inner peace.

2. Ritualized forgiveness – Release anger through ceremonies respecting past pains as teachers dissolving toxicity’s control over life direction. Bless all experiences.

3. Speak uncompromised truth – Dispassionately focus public statements solely on irrefutable facts rather than emotionally charged accusations that discredit. Trust revelation.

4. Withdraw all privileges given – Since exploiters desire controlling personal power/purpose, revoke provided access/information graciously while redirecting passions toward realized destiny.

As we embody these principles external accountability manifests organically without compromising integrity through retaliation. The spiritual laws prove reliable despite discrepancies in timing.


I deeply resonate with the soul-wrenching devastation injustice breeds and consequential impulse to strike back using whatever tools available. However, descending into hatred and manipulation fractures people irreparably rather than restoring them. It further distorts destiny while delaying authentic healing.

True empowerment springs from upholding sacred reverence for all people’s dignity while establishing nonnegotiable boundaries against violation. From this space of moral clarity, constructive actions naturally emerge.

I remain available to all desiring support implementing holistic solutions as truth surfaces restoring justice. But reaction lacking spiritual discernment often exacerbates wounds initially sought to soothe. Let us instead walk hand in hand toward the light together.

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