Wiccan love spells with hair

Wiccan love spells with hair

In sorcery and casting love spells the most common, easy and effective way to bind two souls together is using Wiccan love spells with hair. Because it’s a direct attachment from someone the magic is so strong and easily severed to manifest the results you seek.

Love magic to many may seem easy but it’s the hardest of all. Millions of people have been able to get rich and accumulate wealth with the help of money and prosperity spells. But fail in the love zone.

So, you who is on a personal journey to get the love of your life or return lost love make sure all your options are navigated thoroughly. It may be easier to get professional help than casting Wiccan love spells with hair

Wiccan love spell with hair To Strengthen Attraction

If you love someone but feel that they are not reciprocating, try this spell. Be aware though, that by using this spell you are trying to have a direct effect upon the other person. You are using representational magic because the hair stands for the person you are hoping to influence.


  • A few strands of the person’s hair
  • A rose scented incense stick


  1. Light the incense.
  2. Repeat the name of the one you long for several times, saying each time: [Name] love me now.
  3. Hold the hair on the burning incense until it frizzles away.
  4. As the hair burns, think of their indifference dissipating and being replaced by passion.
  5. Leave the incense to burn out.

Before you perform this, you should have tried to work out why the other person feels indifferent and consider whether what you are proposing is appropriate. If, for instance, the person you want to attract has not learnt how to commit to a relationship, it would be unfair to try and influence them.

Note: Magic and spell casting behaves differently from person to person. There are unpredictable outcomes some positive or negative if not handled well {Side effects of a love spell}

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